Casey ♥ Adam

LDS Temple Sealings,
Meet Casey & Adam
Marriage for Time and All Eternity, LDS wedding, Mormon wedding,
Married for Time and All Eternity

Casey ♥ Adam

Sealed: Nauvoo Temple, Nauvoo IL

Photography: John Poland

Wedding Dress:

Groom and Groomsmen Tuxes: Skeffington’s Formal Wear

Bridesmaid Dresses: Lauren Conrad dress from Kohl’s

Bride’s Shoes and Jewelry: Converse Store and Charming Charlie’s

Bridesmaid Jewelry: Journeys

Reception: Carpenter’s Hall, Chariton, Iowa

Caterer and Cake: Hy Vee Food Store

Decorations: Family and Friends: Kathy Johansen, Gray Johansen, Kimber and Allie Johansen, Ethan Johansen, Casey Johansen, Stephanie Whatcott.

Flowers: Kathy, Kimber and Allie Johansen

D.J. Bryan Arzani

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Notes from the bride:

Advice for Brides: The best advice that I got was these two things:
· Pick out three things that you want for sure whether it’s your colors, theme, flowers, etc. and don’t worry about the rest of the little details.
· Pick out the things that are important to you that you want for sure in your reception and then don’t stress so much about the rest of your decorations. It will all fall into place around the things you have picked out.
And things that I learned in this whole process:
· Get your dress as soon as possible!! Most alterations if you do them at the store will take at least a couple months depending on how busy they are. Get your dress picked out soon!!
· Don’t be afraid to ask for help!! Everyone is more than willing to help in this fun and crazy time.
· Pick your colors wisely… Make sure you will be able to find things in your colors whether you want your shoes, bridesmaid dresses, flowers or whatever in those colors make sure that color is in season or it will be harder to find… I learned this the hard way with bridesmaid dresses.
· Have fun during this time!! Yes it is stressful…. But you will only do it once… Enjoy it!!
· If you see something at a friend’s house you would like to use ask them if you can borrow it…We did with a lot of stuff.
· Let your family have fun with it… My dad sure did. Let him have fun with the ideas and advice he gives you (you don’t have to use it).
· Be grateful for your family!! I would have been lost without mine during all of this. Everyone was a major help!! It was wonderful the week of the wedding to not have to worry about anything…
· Give yourself a date to have everything done by and stick with it that way you can enjoy and relax a few days before the Big Day!!
My Inspiration: I have always loved vintage and Daisys! These were my inspiration for my reception.

♥ Casey ♥

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