Bethany ♥ Miles

LDS Temple Sealings
Meet Bethany & Miles
Marriage for Time and All Eternity, LDS wedding, Mormon wedding
Married for Time and All Eternity

Photography: April O’Hare Photography

Sealed: Denver Colorado LDS Temple

Wedding Venue: Dickens’ Barn

DJ: Howard Orocu

Wedding Flowers: Longmont Florist

Bridesmaid Dresses: Shabby

Wedding Dress: Alyssa’s Bridal: Provo, Utah

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Notes from the Bride, Bethany

Our Wedding Day:

The week of the wedding arrived. It was the week before Christmas, and yet, there was nothing white about it. It was 50 degrees in northern Colorado and everything was just brown. There was no snow, no winter wonderland, no nothing. We prayed and prayed that we would see some kind of beauty on our special day. The night before the wedding, 18 inches of snow fell. We woke up the next morning to perfect scenery ready for time and all eternity. My grandpa even called early in the morning to ask if we were cancelling the wedding!
The day we planned was all about having fun and enjoying this special event. We came out of the temple to soft snowflakes drifting down over us, like you see in the movies. It was 15 degrees but everything was perfect.
The reception was at a red barn, full of dancing and eating pies and cookies! My husband and I even made the cake together the night before (even though I recommend doing it a few days earlier). It was a sad moment when we realized it was time to leave the party.

My Advice to Future Brides:

• Keep it simple. If you overcomplicate, it just isn’t fun anymore.
• Don’t be scared of the cold. Even if it’s freezing outside, don’t wear the cape (unless you’re into capes). You’ll want your dress in all your pictures.
PINTEREST! Find cute little ideas that are easy to make.
• Make things yourself, but don’t kill yourself trying to do it. Sometimes it’s worth it just to buy it.
• Have a good DJ. They either make the reception fun or just terribly awkward.
• If you want real dancing, get a real reception location.
• Reception halls cost more money, but need less decorations and less stress.
• Before planning anything, pick a theme you want for your wedding. Then, the ideas flow and come together. We went for a cozy, warm up inside the barn with hot chocolate feel.


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4 comments on “Bethany ♥ Miles”

  1. Hi, Bethany! A friend of mine from work just had their DJ cancel on them and need a new DJ that is LDS-friendly for their wedding in June. Would you recommend Howard as a great option for them? Thank you so much for your review / recommendation!

    • Hi Laura,
      Bethany’s wedding was posted in 2012. I don’t know how to get a hold of the bride.
      So, I can’t forward the recommendation. I wish I could help you more.
      However, Bethany did say to get a good DJ. So I have to figure that’s what she did. :0)

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