Ashley ♥ Zack

LDS Temple Sealings
Meet Ashley & Zack
Marriage for Time and All Eternity, LDS wedding, Mormon wedding
Married for Time and All Eternity

Ashley ♥ Zack

Photography: Stacey Kay Photography

Sealed: Mesa, AZ LDS Temple

Wedding Dress: Alyssa’s Bridal in Orem, Utah

Wedding Catering: Jennifer Hall & Co.

Wedding Flowers: Aspen Renee

Wedding Cake: Lynette Bayles

Wedding DJ: Curtis Whipple

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Thoughts from the bride, Ashley, about her wedding day:

“On my wedding day I woke up nervous but excited. I was nervous that this is it but I knew there wasn’t anyone else I could ever marry. Before Zack, I wasn’t excited for marriage because I am just not as very romantic, but with Zack it was a powerful feeling. He is the sweetest man ever, and I still feel that way. I was a little freaked out that morning, until we entered the temple, and then everything felt perfect and right. From that moment on (the rest of the day/night/ week) I was walking on air. It was all perfect. The temple lost some of our flowers (not a big deal) and that’s about all that went “wrong” everything was beautiful!!! Our DJ was amazing and fun! And our photographer was incredible. She was casual and fun and made us feel relaxed and comfortable! When you are the one in front of the camera it is hard to tell how you will look in the final photo, but Stacey managed to get our best angles and made it so easy to be in love in front of her and her camera. I especially liked how quickly she got the photos done! You don’t want to stand in front of a camera posing for hours and hours to get a good photo, then not see them for months! Stacey managed to take a lot of great images, quickly and every one was amazing! One of my other favorite things about Stacey is that she gives you ALL the images she takes. It was all just one price, not confusing or constantly nickel and diming you to death. Stacey was incredible to work with!

I also loved the prices of all our venders- perfect for our budget. I wouldn’t have chosen to do anything differently for our wedding day. If I could do it all again, I would choose all the same people! I loved them all and I loved how perfect everything turned out!”

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