Angela ♥ Dallin

LDS Temple Sealings,
Meet Angela & Dallin
Marriage for Time and All Eternity, LDS wedding, Mormon wedding,
Married for Time and All Eternity

Angela ♥ Dallin

Sealed: Bountiful Utah Temple

Photography: Whitney Lewis Photography (Bride’s Sister)

Wedding Gown Alterations: Maria’s Alterations

Bride’s Hair: Jamie Utley (from Lemon Blossom)

Bride and Groom’s Rings: Custom Ring Design and Wedding Bands Galleria

Bride’s Necklace: Gift from Groom given in the Temple after Sealing

Luncheon and Catering: Eldridge Manor

Open House: Groom’s Parents Home

Open House Food and Decorations: Groom’s Mother and Family Friend Gloria Smith

Reception and Catering: Austin Country Club, Texas

Reception Decorations: Bride’s Mother and Family Friend Bridget McCullough

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From the Bride:
Dallin and I were sealed in the Bountiful Temple, it was a beautiful day, so many family and friends around supporting us. The receptions were perfect – both of our mom’s put in so much work. But all that really mattered to us was knowing that our life together was starting. Was really starting. I am even more in love today than I was walking out of those temple doors, which at the time didn’t seem could be possible. I am so lucky to be married to my best friend, to have him by my side for every step of life.

In the time before the wedding, it’s easy to get caught up in the details and the planning. I was in full-time school and my parents were living in New Zealand, so I felt a lot of pressure and stress to get everything figured out. But I look back now and realize that stress wasn’t necessary. Who cares if the food hadn’t been good, we were too busy talking we didn’t get to eat any anyway! But seriously, I think the biggest lesson I learned during the process, was to figure out for yourself what is important and what isn’t. If there’s something that’s important to you, it’s important for the people helping out to know. But for the things you don’t care about, it does no good to worry about. Find someone (friend or family member) who can make those decisions for you. I told everyone the week before the wedding that I didn’t want anyone to ask me my opinion about anything else- I just wanted to enjoy being in love and celebrating with family and friends. Never forget that it’s not just a wedding. It’s the start to your marriage.
♥ Angela

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