Virtual LDS Wedding IdeasThe ongoing coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we hold weddings for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints until further notice. Many temples have closed, and many LDS brides and grooms have decided to hold virtual celebrations with their family and friends. If you have decided you want to try a virtual LDS wedding, then congratulations! Livestreaming your ceremony is a unique way to get the people important to you involved, even though they can’t be with you physically. Before you get to it, though, there are specific details that you should pay attention to. The following ideas can help to make your virtual wedding a success.

  • Make Sure Your Internet Works

Without a stable internet connection, you won’t be able to stream your wedding. Ensure that in the days leading up to your event, you consistently test your network and review your router settings. Also, confirm that your software is up to date, and find the best area for your network.

  • Decoratarions for Your LDS Wedding

You won’t have to decorate every space in your home because your wedding will need one location, but decorating is very important. Please make sure you clean and tidy up the room once you’ve discovered it’s the best one for your virtual wedding. After that, try a bit of decoration using props like string lights, and plants. Remember that some of your guests will be watching you on high definition devices, so they’ll most likely notice if you did hasty work. Having a clean and decorated space will boost your confidence during your wedding.

  • Invest in Proper Equipment

Investing in the right devices will help make your wedding streaming go smoothly, whether you purchase a new camera or a new tripod for your phone or tablet. A tripod (stand) will keep your device stable and handsfree, and a good camera will make the experience better for your guests. Do some trial runs with all equipment in place before your virtual wedding day.

  • Lighting Is Important

All online video platforms have a way of slightly distorting images. That means you might have to compensate for that by making sure that you’re in a well-lit area. It should be easy for your friends and guests to see you on camera and you should try to use natural light as much as possible. If you’re having a daytime ceremony, a room with a large window that allows plenty of light will be perfect for your virtual wedding. Remember that the camera should show you with the light from the window falling on you and not coming from behind you. When you are holding a night event, use lamps and other sources of light to create the same effect.

  • Save The Wedding Recording

Ensure you save a recording of your wedding video for the following reasons:

  • You can share the event with guests who could not be part of the live stream
  • It will become your wedding keepsake
  • You can watch it as often as you want with your spouse in the future

In times like these, virtual weddings are an option to sharing your special day safely with friends and family. Whatever happens, remember we wish you the best, and you are not alone. Stay safe!

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