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What to Wear for an LDS (Mormon) Sealing Ceremony


What to Wear During the LDS Sealing Ceremony

What to wear for a temple sealing

Photo courtesy of Wasatch Studios

When preparing for your temple sealing it is hard to know what questions to ask. Here are answers to some common questions about what to wear to in the temple for your sealing.

Do I Wear My Wedding Gown in the Temple?

LDS brides getting sealed in the temple have two options: you can wear your white temple dress for the sealing, or your wedding gown. If you choose to wear your wedding gown in the temple, it must be white, floor-length, long-sleeved, and high-necked with no collarbone showing. If your gown doesn’t meet these standards, temple workers can always provide you with neck and sleeve inserts to wear with your gown to make it meet temple standards. If your wedding gown has a train, it will need to be bustled or removed for the temple.

What to wear for a temple sealing

Photo courtesy of Camilla Photography

Some brides choose to wear a temple dress to be sealed in. You’ll need a regular temple dress for future temple attendance, and every time you go to the temple you will have special memories of your sealing. Temple dresses are available through the LDS distribution center and a number of specialty Mormon apparel retailers.

In either case, the ceremonial clothing from the endowment ceremony will be worn over your dress during the sealing.

LDS Temple Sealing, photo by Cameron and Kelly Studios for WeddingLDS.com

Photo Courtesy of Cameron and Kelly Studios

Do I Wear Garments on My Wedding Day?

No matter what you’re wearing for your temple sealing, you’ll have your temple garments on underneath. All LDS temple sealings’ are preceded by receiving the endowment and the temple garment.

Some brides are endowed a day or two before the sealing, others only minutes before, and some have already been endowed because of a mission or other circumstances.

Other Clothing for Your LDS Temple Sealing

LDS Temple Sealing, LDS Temple Wedding, Mormon Wedding, photo by Amelia Lyon photography for WeddingLDS.com

Photo Courtesy of Amelia Lyon Photography

Other than your garments and a temple-ready dress, you’ll need white stockings, a full length slip, and white slippers to wear inside the temple, which are available through specialty LDS retailers along with your temple dress.

The groom will need to purchase a white tie, white pair of pants, white belt, white socks and slippers. He’ll need a white shirt, too, but one of his own white button-up shirts are fine for wearing inside the temple.

Additionally, both the endowment and the sealing require wearing ceremonial clothing. You can buy them ahead of time from the LDS distribution center with your membership number, or in larger temples you might be able to rent them for one-time use.

When you schedule your sealing appointment be sure to ask the temple matron about the standards for your wedding gown. Usually you will receive a letter from the temple with all the details. Please ask the temple matron any questions that you may have regarding your wedding gown.

♥ Jenny Evans
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