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LDS Wedding Planning Tools


LDS Wedding Planning Notebook

An example of a custom LDS wedding planning notebook for LDS brides and grooms from WeddingLDS.com

Create a Custom LDS Wedding Planning Notebook

LDS WEDDING PLANNING ♥ AN OVERVIEW: So, you’re getting married! It’s an exciting time, of course, but it can also be overwhelming. There’s so much to do and to think about! Where should you start? Well, WeddingsLDS.com is here to help! Create your own personalized online-offline LDS Wedding Planning Notebook by using the helpful modifiable pages below. Download the free interactive budget, the 3-6-9 month LDS wedding planning checklists, and LDS wedding day timeline, and more. Of course, some items will pertain to your LDS wedding planning and some may not, so tweak them to fit your own special circumstances. These LDS wedding’s planning pages will help you stay on track for your big day! And most pages include helpful how-to videos about LDS wedding planning!

Interactive/printable pages for planning an LDS Wedding: